Design Ideas

Building on the last post, here are some ideas I have for the actual physical space of the bookstore’s storefront.



1. Create a sign that protrudes into the space, making it visible from Hakusan Street and the other connecting road.

2.Create a “display” that also hides the air conditioner. This will allow the owner to display more books outside, and will create a larger display space for posters and notices.

3. Create easel display to lead people into the space.

4. Move the hours notice. Right now, it is a paper taped to the window. Instead, make it into a more permant looking sign and hang it below the “used books” sign.

5. Get a bigger plant.


To the right is another drawing along the lines of the ideas mentioned above. This shows space for a vertical sign. I have also added “Used Books” to the awning, but it could as easily show the name of the bookstore. I had the idea of adding a bench, which could benefit the adjacent restaurant as well.

The drawing to the left is an idea for a piece of furniture to display recommendations. At first, I imagined this in the bookshop itself, but given space constraints within the shop, this could be used to replace the small 100 yen book display.


~ by happyappygirl on July 11, 2011.

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