Design Ideas 2

I like the idea of a mural, so I created some ideas for mystery themed murals.

On the left is a caricature of Edogawa Ranpo, chosen because the owner got into mysteries thanks to Edogawa. Second is Sherlock Holmes.

Doing these designs gave me the inspiration for the following one:

Cats often figure into mystery novels, and I have given him a magnifying glass. That gave me the idea of using him as the top of the easel I mentioned in the last post, or he could also be used on the bookstore’s website or for other promotional material. I want to do another version where he is sitting on a stack of books.


~ by happyappygirl on July 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “Design Ideas 2”

  1. Hi,
    Is it possible to re-use your images? The Mystery Cat drawing is perfect for something I am working on, and I’d like to re-use with credits. Thanks, Steph

    • Hey Stephanie, sorry for the slow reply. I don’t mind you re-using some of my images, but in exchange could you let me know a bit more about what you are working on? Thanks for asking though! I know a lot of people just take images without asking.

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